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logo_minsk_tractor_works.jpg Minsk Tractor Works

In the WorldWide Top 8 of builders of agricultural equipments. 

Created at the end of second World War, in 1946, the company had to participate to the economic restart of Minsk.

Today, Minsk Tractor Works (MTW) is one of the most famous company of Belarus is one of the most famous company of Belarus. It employs 30000 people in their 11 factories and build 80 model of tractors from 12 to 355 HP under the brand BELARUS.

It also holds 6 assembling factories in China, Serbia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Algeria and Kazakhstan.

Since his creation, more than 3 000 000 Belarus Tractors were sold in the world, it makes MTW on of the first builders of agricultural equipment in the world and also the leader on over 60 countries. Indeed, MTW is part of the 8% of producers that fulfill 96% of the market.

The factory of Minsk is still today the biggest unit of production in the world.

BELARUS, Main brand of Minsk Tractor Works

The history wanted that since 1946, tractors were sold under different brand according to the country and the time: MTZ, MTW, Minsk Tractors Works, AVTO

It’s under this last brand - AVTO or AVTO-BELARUS- that the tractors were sold in France Until the 90’s.

After nearly 30 years of absence, BELARUS tractors come back on the French market with a new dealer: PodIA.


mtz.jpg BELARUS equipments

The Equipment BELARUS brand was created by PodIA, in collaboration with the industrial group BELARUS, to unite under one name the range of equipment produced by the group on the territory of the Republic of BELARUS. This range of equipment built for the activities of soil preparation until harvesting answers the most demanding norms.


mtz1.jpg Spareparts BELARUS 

The brand SPAREPARTS BELARUS was created by PodIA, in collaboration with the industrial group BELARUS, to guarantee to BELARUS tractors and equipment users’the source and the high quality of the spare parts. PodIA certifies that the changing parts are built by the same process than the original parts. The complete offer of spare parts includes also the accessories to personalize the work environment including and increased cabin comfort in the tractors.

PodIA certify that the spareparts BELARUS are made with the same process than the original ones.

The complete offer of original spareparts include accessories to personalize work environment and especially the comfort inside cabins.


mtz2.jpg Hydrokit 

HYDROKIT create and commercialize a big range of kits and hydraulic equipment for civil engineering, agriculture mobile, industrials, sea, transports that increases the performance, the security and the comfort.




The company MULLER, with it 30 years of existence, has always been a pioneer and a reference in the domain of electronic for agriculture.

His long experience and the knowledge of his collaborators allow them to realize solutions for his reputable clients. His hardware and software experts elaborate efficient solutions for the big names of the agricultural machinery.



Since 1994, MANIP’, the specialist of hydraulic integrated lines (Manip’MClassic) and agricultural tools are developing regularly on the French and Belgian market, with especially the range MP’that answers the needs of farmers.


mtz5.jpgEl leon

The agricultural machinery El LEON established in 1959 as a company dedicated to the building of machinery dedicated to agricultural work. In 1967, El LEON introduce in Spain, his major product: La pala cargadora.



Open Joint-Stock Company "Bobruiskagromash" is a reliable and qualitative producer of machinery for the agricultural sector since more than 30 years. Today, this company produce about 70 types of trailers and mounted machinery for the application of organic and mineral fertilizer, for the harvest of linen, for the preservation of fodder and for the stocks.



BURY Agricultural Machines Company was launched in august 1991 in a small city call Urbanszczyzna near Lowicz. His founder and owner is Wojciech Bury. In the first years, BURY agricultural Machines company produced only mounted sprayer with a capacity of 300 or 400 litres.



Picursa is a company mainly dedicated to the building of crushers, mowers and brushcutters for the agricultural and forest.



METALTECH was created the 1rst April 1992. Since the beginning, Metaltech produced agricultural machinery and trailer in particular.



In may 2007, Jordi Serrate, at the age of 29 and after more than 10 years of work with his father, Angel Serrate, a very famous person in Spain in the world of agricultural machinery decide to change the system of importation of product in Spain and to build agricultural machinery in Spain.



The company Pierre FUENTES located in BROCAS in the LANDES belong to the agricultural and forest sector. Specialized in the brand VALTRA, FUENTES builds equipment for forest tractors. This armouring consists in many parts, under, roof, doors and engine.



Sipma is the first producer of agricultural and horticultural product in Poland. One of the biggest producer and one of the biggest employers in the region of Lublin.


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