Our history

New in the agriculture, Podia ? Not really

Created by two agricultural engineers in 2012. Podia chose as a mission to offer farmers the best offers for agricultural equipment at the best price.

With the crisis, the agricultural sector went through huge modification. Equipment takes more and more space in the budget of a farmer. At Podia, we think that it’s possible to buy reliable equipment without endangered a company.

We’re searching and offer European quality materials at a fair price, inside complete offer, from the financing until the aftersales service.


Low-cost with European quality !

Seduced by this ambition, the group Belarus gave us the exclusive distribution of all his range of products in Europe (Belgium, France and Luxembourg), in South America and in Africa.

Together, we’re working in order to offer you equipment answering all the agricultural, livestock, forests, civil engineering issues. With Podia and for the pleasure of the lovers of this mythical brand. Belarus is back !


With PodIA, reliability is the basis !

In order to offer you a long-term support, PodIA relies on trucks partners: financing offers dedicated to the agricultural world with Banque Populaire but also a network of partners garage ensuring our aftersales service.

Our equipment are reliable, low-cost and innovative. Innovative because PodIA make the choice of equipment that allow you to work without encumber your budgets: no more useless gadgets, innovation is now for economy and eco-responsibility. We trust our products.

The proof? PodIA offer a complete guarantee spare parts and labor.


PodIA, new in the agricultural sector: the useful innovation

We erected the transparency as a rule.

Now the prices are displayed! There is no little star or « from the basis of » that allow to make advertisement on price you’ll never have. Our equipment has one price and all is clearer.

And we trust them. Proof? The full guarantee for spare parts and labor.

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