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PodIA is before all, a human adventure. A dynamic and reactive team, welded partners, believing in the international development of the production activity and especially agricultural.

Founded on a core of agricultural and mechanical engineers, specialist of Internet technologies, strong of a commercial, multi-linguistic team, PodIA is developing his company culture as a wealth and a key to his success.

Because our will and requirements has to be shared with our customers, the project that we would like to pilot and we engage ourselves are ideally carrier projects with sense and stakes for our customers and their companies. Characterized by a real human commitment equilibrate between actors.



Éric Renaud

Founder president

A 25 years route between agriculture and New technologies, from Africa to the Old Europe.

Agricultural engineer by his education, Eric, started his carreer at Gabon where he created a coffee and cacao plantation. After three years in Africa, he joins S2B (society of services to sugar beet growers) that send him to Romania for a program of re-establishment of the sugar industry.

Eric comes back in France as vice-director of the sugar beet growers syndicate to define the New technology strategy. He creates S2B-Visio and lauch Visioplaine. In Six years, S2B-Visio becomes the second editor of informatic solutions for agriculture in France and one of the first productor of assisted-decision tools for farmers and agricultural technicians.

In 2012, he create PodIA...

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