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Legal Information


Legal status

1. PODIA SAS is a simplified joint stock company under French law, registered with the RCS under the number 78995221500018, whose registered office is 21, Republic Square -75003 PARIS France

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2. All data copyrighted include: database, design, intellectual property, the original texts, drawings, graphics, graphics, presentations, hypertext mark-up language, and any data contained in this site are the absolute and exclusive property of PODIA.

3. LOGO and name are registered trademarks PODIA and PODIA properties.

4. No information, no part of this site may be reproduced or copied (in any form whatsoever) without the express written consent of PODIA. It is forbidden to make any copies mirror site.

Users of the site are, however, allowed to temporarily keep in memory portions of this site - especially when consulting - for strictly personal, non-commercial use.

PODIA's employees are allowed to make copies of computer data contained in this website and print to their clients or their prospects. This authorization is subject to the presence of each document, extracted from the website of legal information Copyright: Copyright © PODIA 2013.

Legal liability
Access to and use of this site, as presented by PODIA SAS, are subject to the following conditions:

5. PODIA SAS reserves at any time, the right to change and update the terms of use. We disclaim any vis-à-vis the data contained in this website which only give information without binding legal force. The risks associated with the use of this website are the work of your own responsibility. Nothing in this website constitutes, directly or indirectly, a contractual offer.

6. Information, images, representations contained in this website do not constitute in any way a commitment of the company for a given level of security, performance, availability or satisfaction of the products presented.

7. PODIA SAS is not able to certify the accuracy of information contained in this site. Therefore, it should not be regarded as accurate data. Assuming further consultation of this site, it is your responsibility to check the changes in the conditions of use.

8. PODIA SAS disclaims all liability for direct or indirect damages you would have suffered by using this site.

9. This website contains hyperlinks to other websites provided by third parties operators. If you activate one of these links, you will leave the site PODIA SAS

PODIA SAS has no control over these third party sites and accepts in advance all responsibility in the use of any third-site.

10. All disputes resulting from the use of the site under the jurisdiction (non-exclusive) of the French courts.

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