In a market where agriculture is in a perpetual evolution, professionals can benefit from technology but also funding offer and leasing for the purchasing of agricultural equipments.

Banque populaire.jpgPODIA in partnership with Banque populaire offer funding solution to answer the requirements through competents experts in the agricultural domain.

Thanks to the variety of brand and equipments that you can choose, whatever the need., Podia can facilitate the task with the funding offer created with banque populaire to answer your requirements.

A group of experimented experts will help you to choose the best solution.


AGRILISMAT (1) l’offre de crédit choisi par PODIA avec la Banque Populaire

In resume

AGRILISMAT allows you to fund your new or used agricultural equipments. This kind of loan is directly offered by PODIA to his farmers clients.


• You enjoy an advantageous loan, his rate is similar whatever the amount . • You chose the periodicity, the time of the loan and you can put a delayed of refunding for the first term in order to face your treasury lag. • You have the benefit of an offer simple and fast with the minimum of paperwork : PODIA is dealing with everything. • This procedure gives you an answer under 48h (2)

(1) Offer stricly restricted to the French Market. (2) Under the conditions of reception of your last PPP balance sheet.


AGRIBAIL (3) The offer of leasing chosen by PODIA with Banque Populaire.

In resume

The leasing is made in order to rent a professional equipment. You invest quickly, you preserve your treasury and you diversify your funding source.

• Preserve your treasury : you fund 100% of your investment and don’t have to support the TVA recuration. • Deduct your rents from the turnover under taxation (1) : they are an exploitation charge. Be careful : in the case of cars, companies are submitted to a maximum similar to the one applying to the amortization of vehicles that are property of companies except the cars needed by the company in the purpose of her mission. • Keep your capacity of borrowing : the leasing is a commitment outside of the balance sheet.

(1)Offer restricted to the french market. (2)Under the condition of reception of your last PPP balance sheet.

In detail

Funding modality

Funding modality are flexible depending of your needs:

•Lentgh between 3 and 7 years depending of the equipment funded. • Monthly , quaterly, semi-annualy or even annualy rent depending of the activity sector. • Scales of rents that can be linear, degressive, by level, by season. • Possibility to make a direct payment to reduce the total cost of the funding..

Equipment fundable by leasing.

This solution is particularly adapted to fund :

• Transport equipment (cars, trucks) • Civil engineering and manutention • Tool-equipement ; • Graphic art equipment ; • Medical equipment; • Agricultural equipment.


The leasing step by step

You select the equipement that fulfill your needs at the best.

You chose freely the supplier and negotiate the modality of purchasing.

Banque Populaire leasing buys the equipment then rent it to your company for a lenght negotiated by contract.

You pay your rents for the utilisation of the good and funding the amortization of the investment.

At the end of the leasing, you have 3 options :

• You buy the equipment for a price selected in the contract ( called residual value) ; • You continue rentings for a lenght to determine by creating a new contract. ; • You give back the equipment to banque populaire leasing.

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